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Lash Extension Course
Anticipate learning Lash Extension Overview, Products, Health and Safety, Customer Service, Lash Growth Process, Stages of Growth, Unique Lash Growth, Premature Shedding, Consumer Lifestyle, Prepping Client, Application Process, Removal Process, After Care and Products, Potential Revenue, Marketing Tips, and more! This class is perfect for beginners to learn the science, general steps, and rules needed to know as a lash extension specialist. During this course you will learn advanced techniques to help you with efficient placement and speed.
Volume Lash Extension Course
Post 2 day NLP Lash Extension course this volume lash course is a perfect way to take your expertise even further. You will enter this course full of knowledge, specializing in classic lash extensions. Eager to learn more, resulting in more revenue, is the vibe set for this course. You will complete this course with an advance, skilled, technique to make lash extensions fuller, without causing damage. Expect to learn how to create and  apply 2D-6D volume lash extensions, remove volume lash extensions, how to pick up, and place volume lashes, how to fill gaps, a recap of everything learned in the Lash Extension Course, and more!
***You must be certified and have 3 months or more of lash extension experience, and complete a practical classic lash extension session, held by Nzuri Beauty LLC.
Volume lash course can also be taken immediately after 2 day classic lash course by NLP.
Eyebrow Workshop
Want to add a complementary service to your list of services in the beauty industry? The Eyebrow Workshop is the perfect way to go! Whether you do lash extension, makeup, hair, skin care, etc., EVERYONE wants good brows! It's a beautiful gift to know how to perfect brows. Build life long clients with learning the timeless techniques to sculpting and enhancing brows. This workshop is perfect for professionals in the beauty industry with a desire to expand services for a more lucrative income, and increased revenue.