Nzuri Beauty

Nzuri Beauty is an exclusively elite experience. We've catered to Los Angeles metropolitan area since 2012. It is simply the ideal atmosphere to enhance your beauty. We pride ourselves on quality work provided by experienced professionals, while holding high standards for consistently diligent customer care. Client satisfaction and quality service is priority. Head over to Yelp to check out our 5 star rating! Rejuvenate your body and soul with our amazing vibes and exclusive techniques. 

Rome Domonique

Ambitious, free spirited, business savvy, naturally creative are a few ways to describe me.  I aspire to inspire. Influenced by Oprah, Beyoncé, and freedom. I'm the sole owner of Nzuri Beauty and couldn't be more proud. I've been in the beauty industry for over a decade. My dreams are frightening. I believe in sowing internal love that manifests authentic external beauty. I am a true testimonial of nothing to something. Blessed in my trials as they create evolution. Grateful~

Nzuri Beauty Exclusives

Nzuri Beauty Mink lash strips have been designed, and created by owner Rome Domonique. Carefully considering all aspects of the WOMAN, this line was created for everyone. "There is something for everyone, and i can thank my hundreds of clients, and experience for that knowledge!" Rome Domonique~ Shop now to purchase yours!